Bully Sticks for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Bully Sticks for dogs are some of the best chew treats you can get a dog. But these treats have many hidden benefits that you should know about. 

All dogs love to chew. Sometimes to a fault. Any pet parent will inevitably encounter the chewed-up shoe, remote, or pair of sunglasses while training their pup. But the urge to chew doesn’t go away with time, and even adult dogs have an instinct to put their sharp teeth and powerful jaws to use. You are better off training them to use those instincts on a durable treat like a bully stick, and not only because of the shoes it will save…

regular bully sticks

Health Benefits

Unlike some types of bones and other chewables, bully sticks are completely safe for dogs. In addition to being easily digested by the canine gastrointestinal system, bully sticks offer many health benefits to your best friend. Instead of being artificial and processed, they are a natural, single ingredient treat.

Free from additives, chemicals, and preservatives, you don’t have to worry about unhealthy substances ruining your dog’s fun.  Plus, bully sticks are a natural source of protein, including amino acids that support the health of your dog’s muscles, brain, and coat.

There are also dental benefits! Gnawing on a tough chew can help to avoid gum inflammation and subsequent periodontal diseases in your pet. While any type of chewing is important to help scrape away plaque, bacteria, and tooth buildup, bully sticks are especially beneficial. This natural treat will be loved by your pet for the taste and loved by you for all the health benefits.  

great dental hygiene easy to digest packed with protein

Variations for any Size or Preference

                Aside from being a great chew for your dog’s mind and body, bully sticks have the added benefit of coming in almost unlimited shapes, sizes, and quantities. Puppies can begin receiving the dental and health benefits of bully sticks as soon as they can chew hard food. Whether you have an older, adult, or young dog, if they like to chew they will LOVE bully sticks.

thin regular jumbo

                If your dog is a slow and methodical chewers, straight sticks will delight. For large dogs who chew aggressively, braided bully sticks will stand the test of time. If your furry friend gets bored with most bones and chews, bully bites and curly bully sticks can add an element of intrigue to your dog’s treat time. At Downtown Pet Supply, we offer bully bites, curly bully sticks, braided bully sticks, as well as variations in thickness and length. Just find the type that your best friend would most enjoy.

Cost Effective

                With all those obvious and hidden benefits, you would think that bully sticks would break the bank. But they are low priced, last a long time, and have a very long shelf life. Compared to a treat that only lasts a few seconds or a chew toy your pet will tire of within a few days, bully sticks provide a great alternative.

In addition to taking your dog awhile to finish, bully sticks also stay fresh for up to three years.  This means you can buy in bulk without worrying about storage or spoilage. Bully sticks are a fantastic treat for any dog who loves to chew and any pet parent who cares about the oral and overall health of their furry friend.


Author: Bobby Barker Bio: Bobby Barker is our resident lifelong dog owner expert and advice columnist who shares his insights about dog ownership, pet care, best veterinarian practices and everything related to your pup. He relies on years of experience raising dogs and keeping them healthy through play, exercise, love, and friendship.

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