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  • SIMPLICITY: we designed this pet water fountain to be simple to use from setting up for the 1st time to replacing the filter. The best plug-and-play water fountain on the market!
  • SAFE RUNNING WATER: water filter is included to ensure your pet is drinking clean, safe water and the constant movement of the water hinders bacterial growth
  • PREFERRED: animals, such as, dogs and cats prefer drinking out of running water over still, stagnant water as it resembles the wild
  • EFFECTIVE: compact design to fit any home but still has a large water capacity of 3L (100 oz), perfect to ensure your pet has water while you're gone!
  • MODERN: beautiful sleek design that includes a blue led light to attract your pet and help you see it at night


  • Preferred method for pets to drink water
  • Perfect gift for cat or dog owners
  • Keeps your pet hydrated while you're gone
  • New, improved low-noise motor
  • Water filter keeps it clean and healthy
  • Blue led light will attract your pet and help you see it at night
  • 3 Liter (100 oz) capacity - larger than competitors


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