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  • All-Natural: A totally natural single ingredient treat; our 3" USA Beef Marrow Bone is expertly roasted in order to retain the natural juices and flavorings of the marrow. Unlike other meat treats on the market, we do not include any additives in our Marrow Bones. There are never any preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, or artificial flavorings so your dog is protected from harmful chemicals.
  • Health Benefits: These treats include all the benefits of high quality, natural beef. This includes protein to help support your pet's dietary and muscular health. Also, they have Calcium to maintain bone strength and other vital nutrients that support digestive health. Best of all, it contains large amount of glucosamine and chondroitin. These help to support mobility and joint health, as well as deter the onset of conditions like arthritis.
  • Long Lasting: These bones are perfect for aggressive chewers. They are filled to the brim with delicious, savory marrow making sure they will remain delicious. They also are extremely tough and durable. This ensures that they will not break or splinter which will avoid internal injury or blockages caused by dislodged pieces.
  • Oral Hygiene: An extra benefit of the extremely tough exterior of these marrow bones are the dental effects of regular chewing. By using the hard bone to scrape teeth, your dog naturally removes many substances linked to dental disease and bad breath. The tartar, plaque, and bacteria get efficiently and naturally removed, all while your dog enjoys a delicious bone.
  • Made in USA: Our 3" Marrow Bone Chews are sourced from free range American cattle that are completely grain-free and grass-fed. The premium beef product is then processed and inspected within the US. Also packaged in a US facility, each marrow bone is FDA and USDA approved.


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