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  • All Natural: our bully sticks are always 100% natural made with a single beef ingredient full of vitamins and minerals. They may have a 'natural meaty scent' due to their nature
  • Nutritious: The single ingredient treat is not only natural, but extremely healthy for canine mobility and digestive systems. Bully Rings are 100% Beef that contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin which support joint health as well as protein and nutrients that support muscle health.
  • Safe: We never use artificial flavor, chemicals, preservatives, or hormones. USDA/FDA approved.
  • Long Lasting: Our high-quality beef Bully Rings are extremely durable. Their round shape helps to keep your chewer focused on the entire chew, and their thickness will be satisfying even for the most aggressive teeth and jaws.
  • Dental Health: Their tough exterior makes Bully Rings ideal for promoting healthy gums and teeth. The texture helps to scrape teeth of tartar and plaque. Chewing can be as effective as brushing for removing bacteria that causes stinky breath and cavities.

Why choose Downtown Pet Supply's Bully Rings? 

  • Great Value! Huge Pack Sizes at Awesome Prices
  • All-Natural, so you can trust that it is good for your pet
  • Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Durable, Tough texture is long lasting
  • Improves dental health by scraping teeth of harmful tartar, plaque, and bacteria


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