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  • Great for Training: Lamb Lung Filet Treats are perfect for use as rewards while training a new puppy or an old dog. They are easy to break apart into small or large pieces, and beloved by dogs. Their unique taste will be your furry friend’s new obsession.
  • Healthy: Made without any added chemicals, colors, or preservatives, Downtown Pet Supply’s Lamb Lung Filets are an all-natural, single-ingredient treat that you can trust to both support your pet’s overall health, as well as contain optimal levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals needed for a long, happy life. They contain high levels of important nutrients such as Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorous, and Iron, along with a large amount of B vitamins.
  • Easy to Digest: Lamb is easier on the canine digestive system than chicken or beef. As lambs, unlike cattle, are more humanely reared, they are known to be more nutritious and healthier. Also, unlike grain-fed cows, our Lamb Lung Filet Treats are grass-fed and completely grain-free, which makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, or dog owners worried about the quality of their pet’s snacks.
  • Mess & Odor Free: Completely stain, residue, and odor free, Lamb Lung Filet Treats are perfect for mess-conscious pet owners. Bully Sticks and other animal-based dog snacks can become sticky, smelly disasters that will stain your carpet and get in your pet’s fur. USA All Natural Lamb Lung Filet Treats avoid these problems, while still providing a tasty, durable treat that your pet will love.


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