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  • Elevated Feeder: By raising your dog's food bowls, you are able to reduce joint strain and improve digestion. With the customizable heights, you are able to deter your dog from straining their neck and eating in an unnatural position. You can improve joint mobility, reduce bloating, and improve your pet's overall health just by switching to an elevated feeder.
  • 3 Adjustable Heights: This feeder is perfect for dogs of any size or age. With three different heights: 3", 8", and 12", you are able to choose exactly the size that fits your furry friend. From their first days as a puppy to deep into old age, you can trust this feeder to be safe, secure, and perfectly sized.
  • Large Premium Bowls: Each feeder has 2 matching stainless steel bowls included. Made of high quality stainless steel, these water and food bowls are huge. Each one holds 52oz making them perfect for pets that require a lot of water or large amount of kibble. Basically spill-proof, they will also help to keep your floor clean.
  • Anti-microbial Bamboo: Designed to be environmentally friendly, this feeder is made from a premium bamboo material. Not only does it protect global ecosystems, but it dries fast to help deter the growth of mold and other bacteria in your home. Best of all, its chic style will match any home's decor.
  • Easy Assembly: Selecting and assembling the correct height is simple. (1) 3 inch Height: Place the top of the feeder directly on the floor. (2) 8 inch Height: Insert the legs horizontally. Secure the shorter stability rod between each leg. (3) 12 inch Height: Insert the legs vertically. Secure the longer stability rod between each leg. NOTE: To ensure that the stability rod is securely in place, you may need to flip the legs in order for the fit to be tight.


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