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  • Easily groom any cat or kitten; adjustable mesh cat grooming bag allows for access to nails, ears, mouths, and more
  • Simple to remove after cleaning your cat; 360 degree zipper to easily detach from torso; avoid scratches and bites
  • Three layers of padded mesh polyester; soft to the touch; maximum comfort for your pet; use in shower with soap
  • Bag measures 12.5 inch by 15 inch with 5 Tightening drawstring straps, one size fits all; includes 5.5" paw opening for nail clipping, 5.5 inch adjustable anti-biting hood
  • Designed for more active cats; tear resistant material; keep cat tightly secure and under control
  • Pet care professionals choose the Downtown Pet Supply polyester Cat Grooming bag to help stop biting and chewing by difficult cats. Made from strong mesh fabric with fully adjustable straps and zipper for an easy fit. Easy for owners to use but hard for cats to remove.


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