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  • Effectively Trains: Using tension from tugging to tighten the collar, this martingale style collar helps to teach your dog not pull on their leash while walking. Our martingale chain collar is the best way to train your dog to be under control during walks.
  • Professional Quality: The collar is made of premium chrome chain-links, weaved together for optimal maneuverability. With professional quality materials, you can trust this heavy, durable double chain to last. No need for expensive technologies requiring charging or maintenance.
  • Simplicity: The ingenious simplicity of our no choke, martingale chain collar is in its design. There are no prongs, shocks, or sprays to train your dog, only the natural tension of their collar. This is a gentle way for your furry friend to be reminded not to tug.
  • Versatility: No matter the size, age, or breed of dog, we have a no slip martingale chain collar that will work. Available in two thicknesses, simply thread the chain through one loop to choose your length of collar. Use indoor, outdoor, or wherever you need it!
  • Tips for Use: Your pet's safety is our ultimate concern, so be sure to closely monitor how your pet is responding to the martingale training collar. Make sure to teach them that they are in control of the collar's tightness. If they are under continued duress while using the collar, promptly remove.


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