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  • CONNECTABLE: Each 31" x 18" Thermal Mat includes 8 fastening buttons so you can combine them together to perfect fit your space. They tightly and seamlessly attach making these thermal mats perfect for any size of crate, kennel, cage, or spot.
  • SELF-WARMING: Thermal mat includes a layer of mylar film that makes it self-warming with no electricity required! Perfect for kitties who enjoy lounging in sunbeams in front of a window during an afternoon nap. No electricity, plugs, or wires needed!
  • COMFORTABLE: Plush padded mat makes this bed extremely comfortable for your cat. The premium fabric is soft to the touch, which your kitty will love. It comes in multiple printed patterns to match any decor.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: To effortlessly wash the mat, simply follow these steps: Machine wash the fabric in cold water on gentle cycle and Air dry the mat's fabric by hanging on a line.
  • Note: Includes one Connectable Thermal Mat, must buy multiple units to connect. Only attaches to other Connectable Mats, will not attach to hammock or non-connectable sizes.


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