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  • Ultimate Comfort Toy; Heartbeat provides calmness and companionship to anxious dogs
  • Helps with Separation Anxiety; the plush toy's pulse helps dogs stay happy and content when alone
  • Stuffed Plush is soft to the touch with floppy pink rabbit ears and multiple textures and colors;
  • Large Size is ideal for all breeds; toy measures over 12 inches in length; not a chew toy: remove if dog tries to bite
  • Easily remove heartbeat pulse via covered stomach zipper; replace with heating pad for added comfort; machine washable
  • Does your dog experience separation anxiety? Dogs are surrounded by other puppies from the moment they are born. Often, this can cause them distress when alone. Downtown Pet Supply's heartbeat pulse rabbit gives your dog the calming feeling of being with another animal. They will love their bunny plush like a sibling. Pets often sleep on top of or near the pulsating stuffed plush to feel its calming heartbeat. Don't rely on medication or restraints to deal with your dog's anxiety, give them a bunny plush heartbeat pulse rabbit and naturally put them at ease. Do NOT allow your pet to chew on this toy.


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