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Keep your dog satisfied with a long lasting natural dog chew bone made from Yak and cow milk that is full of calcium. This ancient recipe from the Himalayas is 100% natural cheese with salt and lime juice added and has no preservatives. The sizes of the Turmeric bar may vary but they have little to no odor and do not stain while keeping your dog calm to help with natural joint support by Downtown Pet Supply. 

  • Natural Dog Stick Chew Bone Made From Yak and Cow Milk that's full of Calcium
  • Ancient Recipe From The Himalayas, 100% Natural cheese made from Yak & Cow Milk with Salt & Lime Juice
  • Long Lasting Yak Stick Dental Chew Toy Will Keep Your Pet Satisfied
  • Himalayan Bar Yak has No Preservatives
  • Calming Natural dog treat; Low/No Odor And Doesn't Stain; Chew size may vary


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