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  • Fun Design: Our Interactive Slow Feed Paw Lick Mat comes in four vibrant colors that any pet will love. The pad is in the shape of a paw with deep grooves to encourage your dog to slowly enjoy their food or treat.
  • Health Benefits: Often dogs and puppies eat too fast, causing indigestion, puking, flatulence, and eventually obesity. Using a slow lick pad that forces your furry friend to slow down and savor their food or treat can also make their meals more satisfying to eat and easier to digest.
  • Dental Hygiene: An additional benefit is the improvement of oral health. Activating your dog's saliva glands with a Slow Feeder Lick Pad can help dogs scrape off disease causing plaque, keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh.
  • Reduce Anxiety: For behavior training in pups, or dealing with a food-motivated dog: Slow Feed Lick Mats are ideal! They can have a calming effect on anxious canines by forcing them to slow their eating and focus on taking and chewing smaller bites.
  • Encourage a Healthier Diet: Easily give your dog their vitamins, pills, or prescription tablets by smearing them along with a treat on this slow feeder mat. The mat not only encourages them to take their medicine, but by its nature encourages a healthier canine diet. Using treats such as peanut butter, yogurt, wet food or spreadable treats are healthy alternatives to regular processed treats!


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