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  • TRAPS ALL LITTER: Using deep grooves under our premium padded mesh, this litter mat will suck in and trap any litter that happens to stick to your cat's paws. Use this mat to keep your household clean and uncluttered, while preventing your cat from tracking litter outside of their box.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of high-grade PVC, this litter mat is completely non-slip and avoids leaving residue on your floors like other slip-resistant litter mats. Best of all, it is waterproof to protect your floors from any liquid litterbox overflow.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: It is super simple to clean this litter mats in a variety of ways. First, you can quickly and easily shake the litter out of the padded mesh. Keep the mat on the floor, and vacuum the litter out of the mat to make deep cleaning a breeze. For more difficult messes, you just need to hose it off and let it air dry, it will look, work, and smell like new!
  • SOFT ON PAWS: These mats are specifically designed to be gentle on cat paws in order to encourage them to wipe their feet as they are leaving the mat. This not only helps them to brush off their paws after using the litter box, but can help attract them toward their litter box due enjoying the feel of the soft padded mesh.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: No matter how much space your kitty requires, we have a litter mat size that will fit your household. Downtown Pet Supply's Gray Cross-Patterened Litter Mat comes in 3 different size variations: a compact SMALL SIZE (15.5in x 23in), to a robust MEDIUM SIZE (23in x 35in), and a gigantic LARGE SIZE (35in x 42in).


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