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Mind Stimulating

Slows Down Eating

Healthy Benefits

Machine Wash Safe

Your pet will be challenged to use their nose to sniff out the treats hidden deeply in the chenilles.

The snuffle mat helps your pet to eat slower, making meal time longer!

No more scoffing down food, choking, indigestion, or throwing up,

Easy to clean! Throw in the washer and use over and over again!

  • Interactive Fun at Mealtime. While snuffle mats have numerous benefits for food motivated dogs that eat too quickly, it is also makes mealtime a fun game which your dog will enjoy. These mats combine the entertainment and reward of treat-dispensing toys with the ability to serve full meals if needed.
  • Made of Highest Quality Materials. Our durable, premium Snuffle Mat is made with a safe chenille microfiber material, and is double stitched so that it remains functional after many uses. With five vibrant colors available, this will become a regular part of your pet's feeding time.
  • Supports Digestive Health. Food motivated canines tend to eat far too quickly, causing a range of digestive problems. This Snuffle Mat allows your dog to enjoy their meal slowly, without anxiety or gastro-intestinal problems. These symptoms range from bloating and burping to gas and diarrhea to gulping and choking, which are all eased by slow feeders.
  • Stimulates Natural Canine Instincts. Dogs instinctually love to sniff, hunt, and bury, it's a part of how they interact with the world. These snuffle mats allow them to use their sense of smell and detective skills to make each meal or treat a mentally stimulating experience.
  • Easy to Clean. Because Downtown Pet Supply's Snuffle Mats are made with durability in mind, we have ensured that the mats are easy to clean. While your dog will have to hunt for their kibble, clearing the mat is as easy as firmly shaking it out. When the pad becomes soiled by slobber or gunk, simply machine wash and dry throughly for the mat to become like new.


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