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  • LOOKS & FEELS REAL: Most synthetic grass turf appears to be made of cheap plastic material and have a completely artificial look and feel. Downtown Pet Supply’s Synthetic Grass Turf has 4 different color tones, giving it the appearance of real grass. The turf is so soft to the touch that no one will be able to distinguish it from real grass
  • HIGH QUALITY: Coated with SBR Latex, with a stitch rate of 140 stitches per meter, and a non-slip backing, our turf is entirely non-toxic, UV and heat resistant, and can withstand both freezing cold temperatures and the dog days of summer. Completely Latex free, our Synthetic Turf Product is highest quality available.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Downtown Pet Supply’s Synthetic Turf Grass is designed to be washed easily and repeatedly. It includes drainage holes strategically spaced for maximum liquid run-off. Just take out the hose and rinse the turf with water. Let air dry and any odor will be eliminated.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Downtown Pet Supply’s Synthetic Grass Turf is designed to fit anywhere inside or outside of your home. The three huge sizes size are large enough to use for a variety of activities. With a robust 13 foot width and lengths ranging from 25 feet to 83 feet, this is the perfect turf for any project.
  • MULTI-USE: You can deploy this Synthetic Grass Turf anywhere! It has many uses: Use it as a backyard flooring to collect dirt before it gets tracked into your house. Deploy it near your swimming pool to quickly dry wet feet. Use it inside your house for a natural look. You can practice your golf swing at home. Additionally, use it to bring life to any deck, balcony, or cement backyard!


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