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  • Two-in-One Treat: A unique combination of two treat favorites, our Knotted Rawhide Bone with a Hidden Bully Stick will be your dog's favorite treat. Each treat is a traditional Rawhide Knot with a surprise inside. Your pet will be extra incentivized to spend time chewing to the center of the treat and revealing the delicious Bully Stick within.
  • Long Lasting: By containing a real Bully Stick within the rawhide bone, your dog will spend hours enjoying both chews. The tough, durable texture of the treats will stand up to the most agressive chewers while remaining delightfully distracting as they race to the delicous hidden Bully Stick.
  • Promote Healthy Behavior: Prevent destructive chewing off your carpets, walls, furniture, shoes, and more. Use these treats to enforce a good relationship while letting your dog enjoy their chewy texture. Will not stain carpet unlike other rawhides.
  • Quality Ingredients: Bully Sticks and Rawhides contain many vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy canine life. Extra protein and fiber in this treat assists with digestion and muscle health.
  • Dental Health: Helps to deter bad breath and halitosis within dogs. The tough exterior of each treat helps to scrape off tartar and brush off plaque, resulting in a cleaner and healthier mouth. By keeping teeth clean, the growth of bad-breath causing bacteria is inhibited and your dog will live a happier, healthier life.


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