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  • Unique 2 in 1 Design: The Beef Esophagus Rawhide Drumstick is unlike any other dog chew treat. Shaped like a Chicken Drumstick Leg, this treat combines delicious beef esophagus stretched over a knotted Rawhide bone to create a memorable chewing experience for your furry friend. They will love the shape, taste, and design of this unique chew treat.
  • Long Lasting: Unlike other single-ingredient chew treats, these Drumsticks contain two long lasting chews that combine for a distractingly happy treat time for your dog. The tough exterior of the esophagus is difficult to chew through quickly, and the tightly knotted rawhide within is even stronger and more durable. They combine for an ideal reward for aggressive chewers.
  • Dental Health: Because of the extremely durable ingredients, these Beef Esophagus Rawhide Drumsticks are also effective at cleaning teeth. The rawhide and esophagus help to scrape off plaque and tartar, essentially brushing away bacteria that may cause bad breath and other oral diseases. Improved dental health is just a chew treat away.
  • Healthy: This natural chew treat is much better for canine health than other synthetic alternatives. Our beef esophagus and rawhide is sourced from free range, grain free cattle and filled with important nutrients, Beef Esophagus Rawhide Drumsticks will provide your dog with chondroitin for joints, protein for muscles, fiber for digestion, and countless other vitamins and minerals to support a healthy life.
  • Safe: You can trust Beef Esophagus Rawhide Drumsticks to deliver a healthy, long-lasting, and unique snack that is also completely safe for your furry friend. There are no added hormones, chemicals, or preservatives and the high-quality ingredients are easily digestible when properly chewed.

Why Choose Downtown Pet Supply's Beef Esophagus with Rawhide Drumstick?

  • Unique Design! Shaped like a Chicken Drumstick Leg
  • Two Treats in One: Beef Esophagus and Rawhide
  • Super Durable and Long Lasting
  • Improved Dental Health
  • Safe and Easy to Digest 


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