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  • EFFECTIVE WARMING: This mat has the ability to keep your furry friend warm and toasty. Pets are naturally drawn to heated surfaces, so this self-warming pad will be your cat or dog's favorite place to nap, lounge, or just hang out.
  • NO WIRES OR PLUGS: Many warming mats require electricity, which can reduce longevity, cause burns, and risk fire in your household. Our Thermal Crate Mats re-use your pets own body heat to generate consistent warmth, using a Mylar layer within each pad. You will be shocked how warm this mat gets without any wires, plugs, or batteries.
  • SOFT PLUSH: In addition to the warmth, your pets will love the 2 layer super-soft plush material that covers the mat. Easy to wash and durably made, our Thermal Crate Mat will become a staple in your household.
  • CRATE & TRAVEL READY: Designed to be used inside and outside of cages, these Thermal Crate Mats are specifically designed to fit into common sizes of dog kennels. Just choose the correct size for your pet. And for when you are out of the house, these mats even include a handle made from premium leather for easy travel.
  • VARIETY: We have multiple colors and sizes so just choose the correct size for your house, crate, and life. Available in both Brown and Grey, the Small Size is 29in x 20in, the Medium Size is 35in by 22in, and the Large Size is 42in x 27in.


Why choose our Thermal Crate Mats?

  • Keep your fur-child warm and toasty with this self-heating crate mat 
  • Never worry about the safety of your pet or household! These mats include no fire hazards like cords, wires, plugs, or batteries
  • Ultra-soft plush padded material will make your cat or dog feel like royalty 
  • Designed to fit in most standard sized crates
  • Comes with complementary carrying handle made of premium stitched leather
  • With multiple colors and sizes, select whichever mat best fits your house's decor, your dog's crate, and your lifestyle in general. 


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