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The Secret Only Dogs Know

What's so great about cow hooves?

We wish we knew the answer too, but all we can say is dogs love cow hooves and all its smelly goodness. They are delicious and great long lasting treats. For moderate power chewers, these treats can last a whole day and longer. Buying them in bulk helps to save on cost, so your wallet will be thanking you in the long run! Cow hooves are a hardy treat, which makes them great for cleaning off plaque and massaging the gum.

Different ways to eat cow hooves

Cow hooves can be eaten naturally by themselves. However, your dog will be thanking you if you fill them with dog safe peanut butter, cheese and or bacon. Smear them in the hollow side of the hooves, and they'll be licking away in no time.

Always monitor your dog

When handing out treats, always monitor your dog's progress. If you see the treat breaking into dangerous pieces that they could choke on, dispose of promptly.


  • HEALTHY: Our cow hooves are a single ingredient, all-natural treat with no hormones, chemicals or additives
  • FRESH BREATH: Our beef hooves have are tough enough to scrape off plaque and bacteria to improve dental health
  • DURABLE: Our hoof treats are long lasting and will stand up to tough chewers
  • BULK: Our cow hooves are perfect for dogs who love to chew, with large pack sizes of 10 and 25
  • QUALITY: Our hooves are made in the USA, are sourced from free-range, grass fed american cattle


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