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Perfect Natural Chew: Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chews are a delicious source of natural nutrients that give your dog a long-lasting chew treat.

Dental Benefits: The durable strength and varied texture of these horn chews are ideal for helping promote oral hygiene. The horns will scrape off disease causing tartar and plaque, while removing other bacteria that causes bad breath.

Super Durable: These durable horns will stand up to aggressive chewers and strong jaws. Unlike rawhides and artifical treats that become lodged in your pet's digestive tract, these Buffalo Horn Chews are extremely tough and durable.

Quality Ingredients: With no added chemicals, hormones, or preservatives, you can be confident in giving your dog these Horn Chews. They are 100% natural and full of protein to support your pet's health.

Please allow for natural variation between horns, which may extend to their size and strength. Always monitor your dog closely when gifting horns, they may break apart leaving sharp small pieces. Also provide plenty of fresh water to aid in digestion.

Why choose Downtown Pet Supply's Buffalo Horn Chews? 

  • All-Natural ingredients without additives 
  • Full of important proteins and nutrients 
  • Cleans your dog's teeth preventing bad breath and disease 
  • Long Lasting and perfect for aggressive chewers. 


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