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  • Each squeaker is 4.3" Long x 2" Wide x 1.5" Depth
  • Squeaks even after a couple small punctures
  • Nice and squeaky - Your Dog will LOVE YOU!
  • Great for repairing or making new dog or cat toys
  • Checkout the customer video below...


Extra Large Replacement Squeakers, each squeaker is 4.3" Long x 2" Wide x 1.5" Depth. Perfect for crafts, making dog or baby toys. Excellent replacement dog squeakers to repair old dog toys, children's toys, teddy bears, etc. These offer a nice loud squeak. These are professional packaged with the Downtown Pet Supply Trademarked Logo on each package.

Customer Testimonials:

"Just wanted to thank you for carrying this great new squeaker. I got them, and when my dog Jake heard the package he had to have one. I threw it in a sock right away, and he's had a RIOT with it just like that! As I'm writing this he's finally worn himself out, laying next to me panting, waiting to catch his breath to start all over again. It's a big hit in our house, and I just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much, and I'll be back some time in the future for more squeakers!"

"It's been many hours now since he got the new and improved squeaker, and the only time it's left his mouth is to eat, and for us to throw it for him! He even takes it outside with him, not that I want him to -- just the way my crazy lab is. With the other squeakers I've been buying (the large size), I've been making my own toys for him stuffing them inside. This larger size works great with socks (I put it inside one, fold it over, and shove it inside another). NO SEWING!!! We're both happy" These STILL squeak even after limited punctures!


Check out one of our customers how to video below..


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