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  • UNIQUE TREAT: Bully Wrapped Yak Lollipops are a one-of-a-kind reward that combines two of the most popular dog chew treats. It wraps an all-natural USA Bully Stick around a tasty Himalayan Yak Chew for a unique flavor combination. Your dog will LOVE the meaty goodness and delicious Yak Chew, as well as the tough, durable texture.
  • THICK / JUMBO: Each of these Bully Wrapped Yak Lollipops consists of super long-lasting dried meat and tasty hardened milk treat. Perfect for especially aggressive chewers, this extra thick, jumbo treat will be a distracting delight.
  • HEALTHY: With just a few ingredients, and no added hormones, preservatives, or additives: these are a healthy treat that support your dog's health. Consisting of high quality USA Beef, the Bully Stick is full of protein and nutrients. The easily digestible Yak Chew only consists of Milk, Salt, and Lime.
  • ODORLESS: These Bully Wrapped Yak Lollipops are not only safe and healthy, but also low-odor and don't leave stains. Many natural dog chews leave your home with a stinky, smelly odor and carpet stains. Use indoors or outdoors, you can trust these to be clean and smell free!
  • DENTAL HEALTH: Support your pet's breath and dental health with Bully Wrapped Yak Lollipops. Chewing on these can help to clean teeth like brushing and similarly remove bacteria that causes bad breath. They are durable and tough enough to easily scrape plaque and tartar off teeth.


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